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God of all compassion, we know that there is nothing that can separate us from your love.  Seasons will pass and times will change, but your faithfulness towards us remains.


As we meet the challenges of the weeks ahead, help to rest deeply in the hope that this Christmas will bring. Come and dwell among us, our Lord Emmanuel, and transform our lives to reflect the peace and joy we know and trust in you. Lord, we entrust to you all in need our community, nation, and world this season; we pray for refugees and all who seek safety, food, and shelter; the sick and housebound, the homeless or anxious.


This Advent and Christmas, may we dream of a world that will let kids be kids; full tables instead of empty bellies; parents with enough money to feed, of church services that give us hope; of family dinners and reunions that feel like home; of every little thing that brings joy; for we know it all comes from you, God – our Immanuel with us!  


And as we draw near to Christmas day, may we light candles of hope, joy, peace, and love; for these are the very things that keeps dreams afloat. May they be an invitation to keep awake through the darkest nights in this sleeping world; and a reminder that God’s dream for this world involves the end of all tears; a joy that overflows and is contagious, in Christ’s name we pray, Amen

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