All congregations that meet on these premises will not be gathering for worship or other activity during the pandemic. 


These are extraordinary times. The government has introduced measures the like of which haven’t been seen in the UK.  Indeed, CoVid-19 (the illness produced by the coronavirus) is said to be the worst respiratory illness since the flu epidemic over one hundred years ago. Our daily lives have changed dramatically, and we are now having to follow extraordinary guidelines which, continue to change daily.


The Methodist Church and the Church of England, along with most other churches, have published their latest advice regarding CoVid-19 and the coronavirus. The most drastic measure in the advice is the suspension of public worship servicesand the cancellation of all meetingsand other activities that involve the gathering together of people. These measures will continue until the government decides that the public health emergency has ended, which will, in all likelihood, be in several months’ time. This means that, as churches, we will need to work diligently to ensure that not only do we and our own folk stay safe during this time, but that we can continue to be an effective witness in our communities through the love and care we show for each other and our neighbours.


There will be  frequent updates on the  Methodist website - click HERE


Worshipping At Home: Jeven though we will not be meeting for public worship, this does not mean that we cease to be church. We will continue to be a praying, worshiping community even though we are not meeting in a church building. 


You can tune in for Wesley’s Chapel live-stream services, albeit without a physical congregation, on Wednesdays 12.45pm, Thursdays 12.45pm, Sunday 9.45am and 11.00am. These can be found HERE


For Mothering Sunday message from our Superintendent, the Revd. Richard Grocott, please see HERE


More ideas and resources are HERE

Each weekday 


  • Monday to Friday 9.45am to 10.00am - the Daily Service Radio 4 Long Wave only Pause for Thought Radio 2 (5.45am, 8.20am and 12.45pm)

  • Radio 4 Thought for the Day about 7.45am 

  • Choral Evensong - Sundays 3.00pm and Wednesdays 3.30pm Radio 3


For those who are out and about including coming to church events, our welcome is still a warm one – smiles instead of handshakes. Other sensible precautions are also 


  • Pastoral Support for Each Other:  I am aware that for many, the suspension of public worship services, disruption to weekly routines, and isolation, will be keenly felt. If you, or anyone you know in our church or local community has a particular need, whatever that may be, please contact me on 020 8653 4902.


May God bless each one of us all as we make our way through these uncertain times.  An invitation to pray as individuals and as a church:


  • God of the good news that spreads faster than fear,

  • God of the courage that comes from the heart:

  • Be with us as anxieties rise and with us as uncertainty grows.

  • Be with us when children ask difficult questions, and with us when parents seem farther away.


Remind us that to be a community does not always mean to be physically present beside those we know well. It also can mean being spiritually present with those who feel very alone; and that you as our God, the God made flesh, are also the God who calls us from the tumult and tells us to be still and to know that you are God with us. Amen.


Corrymeela, (an ecumenical community in Ireland) 


Lenten Blessings to you all


Revd. Abe (Minister)

To read a message from our Superintendent Minister, click HERE



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